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About Us

The spirit of Black Thistle


Our Story

Black Thistle is based in Brechin, in the heart of Angus, a region renowned for producing the finest fruit, vegetables and of course, botanicals. With this abundance of top-quality local produce, we don’t compromise on the key ingredients for our range of smooth yet sassy gin and vodka. We select a finely balanced blend of local and more exotic botanicals for each of our spirits.


The genesis of our gin and vodka begins in our recipe development lab. This is where we deliberate and experiment with combining exciting ingredients and tantalising flavours. After allowing the spirit to settle for a week, we test our recipes with a variety of mixers before tweaking and repeating the whole process. So, you can be sure that the gin or vodka swirling around in your glass has been created with precision and passion.

Our Botanicals

Our 53 different types of botanicals - from the locally harvested wild thistle, to the more exotic fragrant orris root - are carefully stored to maintain their freshness and flavour.


The best things come to those who wait. We are in no hurry to distil our gin and vodka. Slowing it right down squeezes every ounce of punchy, aromatic flavours from our botanicals. Running the gin column open makes sure that more of these flavours carry through to the spirit.

Spirit Dilution

We infuse our spirits with fine local Scottish water – renowned for producing some of the world’s best-loved alcoholic drinks. Before being added to the spirit, we double-filter our water. This pure water then coalesces with the piquant spirits to create our distinctive gin and vodka.

Hand Bottling

At every stage of the bottling process we carry out rigorous quality checks, making sure that each and every bottle meets our high standards.


Our Products